Orient Star M45 F7 Mechanical Moon Phase

Beautiful true Moon Phase, featuring stunning blue dial with intricate detail, expressing the true Japanese style of design
Expressing a mystical star cluster

Expressing a mystical star cluster

The M45 F7 Mechanical Moon Phase is a refined version of Orient Star’s most symbolic flagship model, featuring an in-house movement with a 50-hour power reserve. Limited to just 80 pieces globally, this stunning model is the result of complex technologies and processes, which have delivered a stunning piece with a mesmerising blue dial with gives the effect of twinkling stars in the night sky. The dial The surface of the dial is first stamped with patterns to represent the infinite stars. The delicate patterns change expressions depending on the light, which creates a scene of twinkling stars. Next, uniquely formulated paint is applied using a gradation machine to delicately adjust the colour density and width, creating tones that change from blue at the centre of the dial to black towards the outer edge. The painted surface is then coated with wrapping that is thicker and more transparent than normal clear coating, giving the blue gradation dial the depth of the night sky. The black Roman numeral indices, which match the colour of the dial’s outer rim, are printed in multiple layers to form exquisite contour and shading, distinguishing them from the background. The vapour-plated blue hour and minute hands blend in with the night sky, while the mirror and hairline finishes add legibility. Part of the M45 Collection Named after M45 Pleiades, this constellation has long been used to mark the time and seasons.The constellation was mentioned in ‘The Pillow Book’, a collection of essays written during the mid-Heian period, more than 1,000 years ago. The M45 Collection features designs with similar classic Orient Star design language such as extended lugs, Roman numeral indices and leaf-shaped hands. This makes the Collection an ideal accent piece for formal occasions.

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Orient Star F7M65
24 Jewels
50hr power reserve

Stainless steel
Width 41.0mm
Lug-to-lug 49.0mm
Thickness 13.8mm
Lug width 20mm
Sun and moon complication
Power reserve indicator
Orient Star M45 F7 Mechanical Moon Phase